Rating of Condition


How We Class or Rate Once Loved and Vintage Condition:

Once Loved    Vintage

We choose only the finest once loved and vintage items. To better evaluate the condition of each individual item please see our condition descriptions:

Excellent condition: In mint condition with very few signs of wear.  Any notable imperfections will be listed.  

Good condition: Shows minor signs of wear with light patina expected.  Any notable imperfections will be listed.       

Fair condition: Items are specifically chosen for the patina that is acquired over years of use. Any notable imperfections will be listed.

Please Note:  All sales on Once Loved & Vintage items purchased from 2Market2 are not returnable.  All sales are final and condition is "As Is."

Terms & Conditions of Sale:

Once Loved & Vintage items items may possess any or all of the following characteristics: blemishes, flaws and imperfections in finish, missing or slightly worn components (such as beadwork), inconsistent color saturation in fabrics, non-UL approved wiring, uncertain origins and/or materials in their construction or other wear and tear.

2Market2 will list any materials that are known to a certainty in the product description online, but reserves the right to not list any materials if none can be ascertained definitively. Because these items originate from sources that we do not control, 2Market2 accepts no responsibility for, nor makes any assertion of, the place of origin or manufacturing materials of Once Loved & Vintage items. Purchasers accept all risks associated with obtaining and using Once Loved & Vintage items.

Unless otherwise specifically stated online, Once Loved & Vintage items are intended for decorative use only and may be unsafe for daily use, contain materials that may cause allergic reaction or other health problems, represent a choking hazard or be otherwise unfit for a given environment. 2Market2 accepts no liability or responsibility towards any use of or issues arising from use of any item purchased from the 2Market2 Once Loved & Vintage categories.

The physical condition of every item is represented on the website in text and photography when possible and is considered to be acceptable by 2Market2. 2Market2 will take measures to assure that Once Loved & Vintage items are delivered in the condition that they are intended. Refunds will only be given in the event that the recipient can prove severe negligence or gross mishandling on the part of the carrier. Please see product descriptions for details about the usability and quality of any Once Loved & Vintage item before purchase.

Questions? Please contact the 2Market2 Customer Service Team.